The COVID -19 Virus Pandemic

In light of the COVID-19 Corona virus pandemic, Northern Colorado Crematory, like many other businesses and communities, are taking precautions to limit exposure and prevent further spread of the virus. With this in mind, we are listening to recommendations from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the World Health Organization (WHO) as we strive to help protect ourselves and our community. Two of the suggestions by these organizations are to limit public gatherings and if people are experiencing symptoms of the virus to stay home.

We Must Act Now

The time to limit the spread of this virus is now. Two or three weeks from now may be too late. Because those infected may not present symptoms for up to two weeks, they could be spreading it unknowingly. People to people contact and even close proximity (within six feet of another person) is, by far, the number one cause of the spread of this virus. By not taking precautions now, we may be participating in the spread of COVID-19.

Federal, state and local health agencies are encouraging the practice of “social distancing” as our first response to this serious health concern. Limiting physical contact with others, is the best method of keeping this virus from becoming more widespread.

Our Plan

The wellbeing and, in this case, the health of those we serve is our highest priority; therefore we will be observing the following:

If a death occurs in your family, please know that Northern Colorado Crematory will be there for you and your family. We will bring your loved one into our care and meet with your family at the crematory to make service arrangements. As we have always done, we will gather the necessary information and file for the cremation permit and death certificates immediately. Once the cremation permit is received, out of respect for your loved one, we will proceed with the cremation. It will be our suggestion to schedule the memorial service at a later date when the danger passes. That delay may be a few weeks or even longer. We will stay in contact with updates as they become available.

Celebration of Life Services - The cornerstone of our service to families is to promote comfort and healing. We have and will continue to help families understand the comforting and healing importance of that final goodbye opportunity for family, co-workers and friends. While postponing a service may be the wise thing to do now, we encourage families to schedule the Life Celebration once the danger of the virus has passed.

Thank you for the trust you have shown in Northern Colorado Crematory over the years. We ask for your understanding and help during this difficult time.

The Staff of Northern Colorado Crematory