Jessica Evans
Jessica Evans

Obituary of Jessica Lee Matey Evans

Jessica Evans was born in Santa Monica California on February 21st, 1983.  She was just 39 years old at the time of her sudden and unexpected passing on April 2nd, 2022. 

She was the brightest rainbow after the darkest storm.  Her energy and spirit brought so much joy, love, and wonder to everyone who was fortunate enough to have crossed her path.  The world will truly be darker having lost one of its brightest lights.


Jessica could be described in many ways, but to the people that knew her best she was wildly passionate, kind-hearted, wonderfully chaotic, empathetic, spiritual, unyielding and tenacious.  She was also an entrepreneur with an eye for style and utilizing her artistic talents she started as a club promoter before creating her own apparel and jewelry company, Mrs. Reefer Madness.  She worked as a professional photographer before ultimately landing on developing handcrafted homeopathic treatments, she always had a hand in doing anything she could to make sure the lives and memories of the people around her were as pain free and as filled with love as possible. 


Ever one for adventure, her journey eventually led her to Colorado where she would reconnect with the true love of her life Evan Claver, the two quickly became inseparable and their love for life and each other grew unabated.  Finally in harmony, and with love her radiance flourished, and her compassion grew wildly particularly for her animals.  Together raising an army of chickens, two iguanas, a gecko, several turkeys and two dogs, each animal was given individual attention and care.  She loved them all deeply and as with the people she loved, protected them fiercely.        


What can be said about a life taken too soon? A friend once said sometimes the brightest star burns the quickest, but by burning brightly into people’s memories, it’s brightness shines forever.  We are eternally grateful for the time we had together, and we know that the pain we feel now is a manifestation of the love we have for Jessica.


It is our hope that by reading this you take a moment to consider what is truly important in life, be less quick to anger, show appreciation more, treat others with respect and more often wear a smile, harbor love, understanding and patience and grace, reach out, find the time… because the trouble is you think you have time.  Next time you look to the stars remember those we have held in our arms for only a little while and will hold in our hearts forever.


Fly high Free Bird, maybe the ripple effect felt from your loving spirit echo through the cosmos for all time.  See you and all the others again in Valhalla.


Jessica Evans is survived by a loving mother, Joan Hayward, a devoted and kind fiancé, Evan Claver, two stalwart brothers, Josh Evans and Kevin Arnold, a strong and mindful grandmother, Ellen Powell, a multitude of extended family, and thousands of loved ones. 


She was preceded in death by her closest friend Tony Ricketts.


As per her wishes, the family will be taking her ashes to the Bahamas to be released upon the waves.  A celebration of life is planned to be in Mt. Shasta, California for family and friends as well as a local celebration to honor her memory in Colorado on Saturday April 16th, 2022.


Thank you to all of you who have reached out – we feel and appreciate your love.



“Jessica… My baby girl… The world, my world is forever darkened by the loss of your light.  You were and will always remain my spirit, my cheer and my hope.  I will look for you in every rainbow, on the breeze that passes over the lakes, and in the hearts of those forever touched by your passion for life.  You were the truest definition of a fighter I have ever known, you taught me what it meant to be strong, and I will forever carry forward your lessons and legacy.  You danced with style and grace past every obstacle life threw at you, and even when you faltered your resilience would not allow you to quit, you always rose back up to your feet stronger than before.  It is with your strength that we carry on.  I will never forget our Chicken Soap Operas and the daily turkey updates.  Be at peace and without pain my radiant angel, may your light forever outshine the brightest fireworks display.  My baby… My Moon Child… My Raven Princess… I love you. “



“As I sit here, pen to paper, I realize there are no adequate words to describe someone as beautiful and unique as Jessica. She loved and protected with ferocity, an intensity most cannot fathom, touching the hearts of so many. She dreamed large and worked hard to achieve whatever she had her heart set on.

Jessica was my best friend, my lover, my wife, my entire world. She showed me what true love is and that soulmates are real. She helped me to see that I am worthy of having dreams, deserving of love and having a happy life. Jessica brought light and love to the depths of my soul - where before there had been darkness. Where my spirit was filled with passionate love, there is now emptiness.  When she was taken, I feel my spirit went with her. I will cherish every moment I had with her.  She was truly magical.”

-Evan Claver


“I guess I should start at the beginning. I met Jess when we were kids. I must have been 11 which would have made her 14. We were both friends with Shay and our brothers were friends as well. So, 4 boys and 3 girls between our 3 families. We did all the regular things kids our age did.


My favorite memory from that time period was what we called night swimming. The community swimming pool was right across the street from Shay’s house. They were open from 12pm to 4pm for day swimming, and 5pm to 7pm for night swimming. Most kids were happy with this arrangement, but we weren’t most kids.  Us girls would usually sleep over at Shay’s house and know without a doubt what our night plans included. We waited until dark and a group of us would jump the fence and swim to our heart’s content. At least until we saw the community service officers spotlight…then we scattered back over the fence soaking wet and ran for all we had.


After this point in our lives, we didn’t see each other on a regular basis. We both ran with different groups of friends, but the love was always there. We would see each other and catch up. Once I had my own apartment Jess would come by whenever she was in town. She was busy living like a rockstar and I had a toddler. She would shower and sleep over. I will never forget the time she told me “Good moms have a freezer full of juice.” And was referring to the fact that she knew mine was well stocked.


We stayed in contact via social media. I loved seeing all her adventures. Concerts and festivals all over the country. Swimming with turtles and dancing with flamingos in far flung destinations. Taking the most beautiful photos of everything under the sun. She saw beauty in everything and documented every inch of her journey.


A few years ago, she made a post about being finally diagnosed with Endometriosis. She had just had surgery and confirmation of what she suspected for so long. I sent a private message saying that I had just had the surgery as well. She asked if we could FaceTime and talk about it. That was the beginning of a beautiful friendship.


From that day forward we talked nearly every day. She was so crazy in love with Evan. They went on motorcycle rides and met tons of people. She made friends everywhere she went. People were just drawn to her. Her personality was huge, and her love was like glitter, it was beautiful and got everywhere. She was so much of everything good in the world.


In January I went to stay with her for a week and again in February. I will forever be grateful for the time we had. Anyone who felt a portion of Jess’s love will know just how incredible it was. She ended every conversation with “I love you, bye”. So, for her, love and live big. Take the trip. Go to the concert. Live every single minute like it’s your last. Make life beautiful. Because Jess did.


Not a day will go by that I won’t miss her. There will never be an event I won’t wish she was a part of. I will never forget hearing crowing rosters and laying hens before I’m even awake. Being her best friend is a gift I will always treasure. So, until we talk again, I love you, bye.”

-Bobbi-Jo Gregory


Jessica was the kind of person that pulled people in with her energy. She was beautiful inside and out and if you were lucky enough to know her than you knew a true heart. She left such an impression on so many in this world and she will be missed beyond measure. Three little birds my beautiful friend, three little birds."
-David and Kathryn Schwartztrauber


“Jess was an amazing soul, I met her in 2014, she always felt like home.  Those who knew her were truly lucky and if you were one of her people you were blessed beyond explanation.  I was one of the extra lucky ones and will forever be grateful for the amazing woman I had to opportunity call my friend!  Love you Jess “

– Bec


“Jess came into people’s lives like a wrecking ball, she could knock down the strongest walls with her energy.  Her presence glistened like the sun shining on sandy beaches.  She was the sun, the moon, and the flowers blooming in the darkest of places.  She touched the lives of so many people, and forever left her imprint on the hearts of those graced with her love.  All the words in the world come to mind when I think of her but none of these words are right, none of them fully grasp who she was.  All our memories forever in my heart”                                                            – Love Tiff


Nature’s first green is gold, her hardest hue to hold.
Her early leaf’s a flower; But only so an hour.
Then leaf subsides to leaf.  So Eden sank to grief,
So dawn goes down to day.  Nothing gold can stay

-Robert Frost-


“Jessica you are the only person I know that has literally lived their life to the fullest.  I’m in extreme aching pain for you bestie, nothing will ever be the same without you.  Thank you so much for showing me how to live my life the fullest with no regrets.  Thank you for loving my son with all of your heart and soul.  Your love is unmatched, your love was forceful, beautifully magical, and welcoming.  I know you’re in God’s nursery taking care of all the babies, plants and animals.  I had a vision that you made it to Florida and you’re on the beach with Bella drawing sand hearts, then I saw you gathering all of our angel friends up and telling everybody they need to come down to the beach.  I love you so much beyond words Jessica, I’m devastated I’m even writing this.  Aiden and I will honor you every day, I will honor our friendship, our love and our bond.  I never stopped.  I love you my girl, my beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, friend.” 

– Nisha


“Our hearts and our spirits are so gravely wounded by the passing of our dear friend Jessica.  From the day that we are born, our tickets have been punched, however unfortunate it may seem in circumstance, there is no exact measurement of “How” those tickets will be cashed in, it is fearfully only a question of time.  The current overflow of love and respects from anyone who knew Jessica, or for those in need of sharing their sympathy, only solidifies the ripple effect of her life and how far it reached those beyond her direct touch.  A tangible testimony to her personality, strength, fortitude and grace.  For someone who fought every step of the way, she had so much ahead of her and left so much behind her.  My aunt’s words to me on the topic were: “Sometimes the brightest stars are not meant to last as long as we want them to.  Pick out the brightest star when you happen to look up into the heavens at night, say her name, thank her and send her love.  She will always be with you… Remember to feel her.”  What will they say about you when it’s your time to go?  Be kind to one another, allow yourself to mature beyond bitterness, judgement or failures of communication.  Harbor love, understanding, patience, forgiveness and happiness for those around you, they deserve it, as do you, without prejudice, just as Jessica demonstrated, with intensity and serenity.  Send that text, make that call, pick up rather than ghosting, go for coffee and painting, take road trips, go for hikes, hold hands, sing at the top of your lungs and make the time and room in your life for your people.  Jessica earned the adoration of her animals, her friends and family, a radiant mother, two dependable and dedicated brothers, a loving grandma, and a solid Fiancé with an insurmountable amount of love, commitment and beauty for his woman. We love you all”

– Kyle Harden and family.

“Always hard to know what to say in these difficult situations. Jessi, Evan and I go back well over 20 years! Like any relationship there have been bumps along the way. Jess was always so full of life and determination. Around Six years back we reconnected, and she came out to stay and met my family for a few days and surprised her childhood crush and my brother, Evan. The rest is history. She then moved out here and they started making plans for the rest of their life together. They helped each other in so many ways and had overcome so much together. I can’t believe it was suddenly cut short after everything. We hope that you have found peace and know my family and I will do our best looking after our brother and the love of your life! You will be missed! Until we meet again your friend and family. “

-The Pearmans. Love you! 


“Jessica was always my biggest cheerleader and supporter.  Her belief in me allowed me to believe in myself far more than I ever have on my own.  She showed me true beauty and in doing so I was able to realize my own beauty inside and out.  I am forever grateful to have met her and to know that I carry her with me, always, in my soul.  Be at peace and rest easy my radiant Valkyrie, until next we meet in Valhalla.”    

-With love – Cayla Rae Jasper



“Jessica was a good soul, a very outspoken woman, a rebel and an outlaw.  She would bring a shine to anyone’s face.  She will be cherished in our hearts, and we will be mourning her loss for years to come.  Every time we see a rainbow shine, we will all think of Jessica and how brightly her light shined.”

-Bear Family.  Cory and Tamara Berge


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